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Yes or No: Should newspapers ban Page 3?

Posted on Tuesday, 5 November by

Yes or No (Page 3)

This year, the debate surrounding the presence of Page 3 in national newspapers has reached fever pitch. More than 120,000 people have now signed a petition that urges newspapers to drop images of topless women from their coverage.

However despite the highly visible ‘No To Page 3′ campaign, not everyone is in agreement. A recent poll has showed that 55% of people think that Page 3 should actually be saved and that the feature promotes healthy images of women in popular culture.

We hear from Caroline Lucas (MP for Brighton Pavilion) and Holly Gibbons (glamour model and Page 3 girl) who give us their side of the story.

Caronline Lucas

“As a supporter of No More Page Three, I do not think that a newspaper that persists in carrying images which are degrading to women should be widely available across the parliamentary estate.

I call for action to address the fact that prejudicial attitudes to women are so deeply entrenched and normalised in our society, specifically the significant role played by the media.

Page Three is a symbol of this problem. It ‘normalises’ the idea that women are there primarily for men’s sexual pleasure and, whilst I and other MPs can chose not to buy the paper, we are, nonetheless, through the choices of others including – in this instance, the Commons authorities – unable to avoid Page Three.

Its presence is insidious and typical of how the idea that women’s bodies should be instantly available as a resource for men‘s sexual gratification pervades our media. I have joined calls on the paper’s editor to consign Page Three to the rubbish bin where it belongs.”

(Open letter to Parliament, June 2013)


“No woman is forced to do a photo shoot for Page 3 or for other topless work. As a Page 3 girl, I love shooting for the Daily Star or I would chose not to do it. I have never felt degraded as a Page 3 girl; in fact I am treated with respect and professionalism when I am working, perhaps even more so than at other previous jobs outside the industry.

To be a Page 3 girl you have to be natural, curvy and look healthy. Compared with top fashion models that look anorexic and unhealthy, myself and other glamour models represent a healthier lifestyle and more realistic body type for women; surely this is a better for other women, and men, to see.

When I first started out in the industry, I took my mum to my first ever photo shoot with Nuts magazine, I wanted her opinion on whether I should do it or not so she knew it was safe and she could see exactly what was involved. When she saw how professional everyone was and how lovely the images were she said I should go for it. My dad was the same; he knew I was strong and independent.

I would suggest women only do this type of work if they are doing it for themselves and not for others. It’s best to be extremely thick skinned; women should be confident and happy with their body to be in this industry as you put yourself out there to be criticised.”

(Speaking to SQ Magazine, October 2013)

Should newspapers ban Page 3?

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