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Nick Clegg: I’m happy if my kids ditch degree and do apprenticeship

Posted on Monday, 18 November by

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg has claimed that he’d be happy for his children to turn their back on university education in favour of an apprenticeship, stating that the “barely disguised snobbery” surrounding non-university routes needs to be eradicated.

Speaking at the Skills Show in Birmingham’s NEC Arena, the Deputy Prime Minister went on record to support those who choose apprenticeships and said that they will soon form the backbone of the UK economy. The Skills Show was an opportunity for young people to speak with employers and apprentices about their experiences.

Speaking on what he’d like his children to pursue, Nick Clegg said:

“I want them to treat academic and vocational education on exactly the same footing. If you look at successful economies, progressive societies such as Scandinavia, they don’t have this lingering snobbery that says the only qualification that is a good one is an academic one.

It’s not about denigrating academic qualifications in favour of vocational ones… it’s about putting them both on the same pedestal.”

The coalition government have taken leaps forward in pushing apprenticeships and vocational education as a viable alternative to studying at university. This attitude is in stark contrast to the one promoted by Labour under Tony Blair, but it’s one that Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis believes in.

“It was the wrong decision,” Paphitis said. “I think it was Labour’s blue-collar roots that drove it. Nothing beats getting your hands on something and doing it yourself. That’s why this is so important. We’ve got to get people while they are still young, show them what’s there.”

Theo Paphitis

Stupid publicity shots aside, Theo should be taken seriously.

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