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JME bought hundreds of Xbox Ones and is delivering them via Twitter for £200 each

Posted on Friday, 22 November by

JME Xbox One

Christmas has come well and truly early. JME, aka the holy grime spirit has sent blessings across the country with a festive treat for hundreds of his Twitter followers by selling and hand-delivering them Xbox One consoles on its release day.

Known for having a keen interest in technology and gaming, the grime artist has taken it upon himself to be the bearer of gifts to fans and probably non-fans looking to cash in on his good will and nab the brand new console for £209 (including postage) that’s under half the recommended retail price of £429. Yep, mental. Or is he?

This could actually be one of the smartest moves we’ve ever seen from an independent artist-come-hustler. It makes great marketing for JME, real name Jamie Adenuga, as well as sorts his fans out with an item no doubt at the top of most people’s christmas lists this year. That in the business world is called a win win my friends.

However it could all just be a bloody great big hoax, but there’s a fair amount of evidence online that substantiates Adenuga’s claims.

Either way Merry -BLAM!- christmas JME!

JME Xbox One

The man kept his word, well not 1,000 Xbox’s probably, but a lot.

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