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INTERVIEW: Glass City Vice

Posted on Monday, 11 November by

Glass City Vice

Having played gigs at hundreds of the UK’s most well respected venues in the last two years, momentum suggests that Rock quartet Glass City Vice are ready to get even bigger and better.

Corey Pellatt talks to the band’s Josh and Dudley.

SQ: It looks like it’s been a pretty busy 2013 for you guys, tell us about what you’ve been up to.

Glass City Vice: It’s been very busy this year and we spent the first half of it touring a fair amount. However we’ve had a quiet period after graduating and settling in to a relatively normal adult life. As of August we’re fully back on board, and more driven than ever to get the ball rolling. We miss gigging as frequently as we used to and are really excited to get back in the swing of things.

There’s been a lot of comparisons thrown around online – Twin Atlantic, Deaf Havana and more – but what sound are you trying to create and how would you explain it?

Although we appreciate these comparisons we do only see them as influences and are trying to create our own sound. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy these bands! We try to cover all the areas of rock really, and each member of the band has an array of individual tastes.

You’ve been busy with releases in the last year or two, just how different is your most recent EP – ‘Waves’ – to the music you were making when you started out?

Wow. Massively different…let’s just say we prefer not to focus on our earlier recordings. Although we still think some of them are good songs, and we appreciate some of our fans like to listen to our older stuff, however as a band we have moved on from that sound.

Our families are all very musical and have helped shape our view and direction of the industry and the things we are in to.

Glass City Vice

Tell us about your backgrounds, what got you into music and how did you come together?

We have all had fairly similar backgrounds in terms of music. Our families are all very musical and have helped shape our view and direction of the industry and the things we are in to. We got together through a mutual love of the same bands and through friends…pretty boring really! We met Lawrie in the toilets of a pub whilst Ed was chatting to some guy from The King Blues…I guess we can thank them for our drummer.

You’ve played hundreds of shows across the UK but which has been your most memorable?

Probably a gig we did in Edinburgh but not for the reasons you would expect. Basically we ended up there on tour and all the support acts pulled out about 2 hours before doors were due. The venue was really helpful and made it a free show in the end and we hit Edinburgh town to try and get some people down. It ended up being about half full and we had a genuinely great show despite the flaky bands…not naming names.

Who else in the region are you listening to at the moment?

We discovered a band called ‘Wild Cat Strike’ at a gig we played at a while back; they are awesome and really nice guys. A band called ‘Last Heir’ who are good friends of ours and also we were lucky enough to get to a house show where a band called ‘Quiet Lions’ were playing, they haven’t been launched (if you like) yet but you will be hearing about them very soon!

What’s the next step for Glass City Vice?

We’ve got a new team on board with a lot of exciting shows to announce, so we should be heading out on the road in the near future. We’re also looking to record some new material; these new songs are a much better representation of where we are musically at the moment.

Follow Glass City Vice on Twitter: @glasscityvice.

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Corey Pellatt
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