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‘American Psycho’ modern-day TV series in development

Posted on Wednesday, 11 September by

American Psycho

The controversial and cult classic, American Psycho, will soon be taking a slice out of television as US channel FX are currently in development of a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed film.

Revolving around the life of 27-year-old investment banker named Patrick Bateman, Brett Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel sparked outcry upon its release, but eventually went on to spawn a silver-screen adaptation in 2000, starring Christian Bale.

Set in the 1980s, it depicted the lifestyle of Bateman his circle of equally wealthy, shallow friends, most of whom he dislikes. Director Marry Harron formed this world into a satirical, psychological thriller and black comedy – with the adaptation going on to gross $34 million worldwide and become highly-acclaimed.

Patrick Bateman, would now in his 50s, and he remains as dangerous and cutthroat as ever. The TV series is rumoured to be set in a contemporary setting, with the show’s creators hinting at their plan to add to the intrigue by introducing a protégé for Bateman.

Edward R Pressman, one of the producers of the American Psycho film, will executive produce the 10-episode drama alongside Danish writer Stefan Jaworski (Those Who Kill) and production company boss Allison Shearmur. It’s not currently known if author of the book Bret Easton Ellis will have any involvement.

Who could possibly live up to Bale’s Bateman? We await to find out.

Watch the best bits of American Psycho above.

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