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VIDEO: Brighton Parkour daredevils scale city rooftops

Posted on Thursday, 11 July by

Footage has emerged online of a Brighton Parkour group, aged between 14-24, scaling the dizzy heights, including cranes, across Brighton in the name of thrill-seeking.

Uncovered by a report by Brighton’s Argus paper, finding videos and pictures of around ten parkour freerunners jumping on rooftops, freestanding pillars and industrial cranes. The director for prevention and protection at East Sussex Fire and Rescue, Andy Reynolds, has said that the climbers were “irresponsible and reckless”.

Adding: “It’s the height of stupidity. We cannot afford to be attending potential callouts to people like this when there are serious emergencies taking place across the county.”

Brighton Parkour

In the group’s latest stunt, footage taken from Saturday night shows them climbing onto the rooftop of the 17-storey Hereford Court tower block in Hereford Street, Kemp Town.

The Argus also claimed the Parkour stunts are part of “dangerous craze” and went as far as claiming they used image manipulation detection software to check the authenticity of the Parkour photos.

Comments online have called out the Argus for labelling the stunts the groups perform as just part of a “craze”, arguing the phrasing patronises them and their obvious dedication to honing their talents.

Brighton Source Argus Parkour

Comments made on Brighton SOURCE’s Facebook page.

Speaking to the Brighton Argus, a member of the group said: “We do this simply because it’s fun. When you overcome a new challenge you are filled with a great sense of achievement.

“We assess every situation with great detail and only proceed if everything is okay.

“We’ve been training Parkour for seven to eight years now. I started when I was 12.”

“Some of us have normal jobs, like working in Tesco and I’m a young freelance filmmaker.”

Brighton Parkour

Dangerous or not, what incredible photos.

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