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SQ Magazine survey: Students and Social Media

Posted on Monday, 10 June by

SQ Magazine Survey Students and Social Media

With over 90 per cent of internet users now connected to at least one social media platform, it’s becoming hard to dispute opinions that online platforms are having a profound effect on the way that we go about our daily lives.

As an independent organisation, we wanted to deconstruct some of the smoke and mirror stats presented by other organisations and truly discover what impact social media is having on students in the UK. With your participation, we hope to draw conclusions on how the trend is affecting social behaviour, academic success and employment prospects.

Our ten question survey shouldn’t take much longer than ten minutes to complete and the findings will be published online and in print in the not-too-distant future.

We aim to find out:

• Trends in social media use, that determine its true effect on young people
• If social media really does have an adverse effect on grades
• And, how social media has played a role in youth employment and social behaviour

Find the survey below. Deadline is on 16th June. So hurry!

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