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REVIEW: Us Baby Bear Bones – What Starts With a U Ends With an I (EP)

Posted on Friday, 28 June by

Us Baby Bear Bones

Rating 4.5

With their debut EP released this month, Us Baby Bear Bones have begun their journey of discography. What Starts With A U Ends With An I illuminates the path ahead where all five tracks yearn for attention.

By weaving together the threads of ambient electro and dream-pop, Us Baby Bear Bones produce a vibrant sound swathed in textured instrumentation full of subtle crevices for you explore. It makes for a potent, sugar-free concoction despite the pop sensibilities.

Whether it’s the keyboard-driven ‘Mountain’ that rises from the ground whence it came or the sonic density of ‘You’, WSWAUEWAI is about as complete and accomplished a debut EP can get. Dream-pop often has a reputation for being too intangible but the rough edge that UBBB carves prevent this.

This is best reflected by ‘Ra(i)n’. It begins with dainty, demure steps that underline their dream-pop tendencies but as the layers build, darkness begins to envelop the track.

The atmospheric ‘Swamp’ is the highlight though with its low frequencies rumbling throughout while Puff Gandolfo and Daisy Emily Warne’s vocal harmonies intertwine with delicate intimacy. Along with Luke Phillips, the trio of multi-instrumentalists have scope to take their sound wherever they want.

In reality though, I don’t see it shifting far from their current brand. It’s already an intoxicating mixture that will only mature with age.

Listen to more from Us Baby Bear Bones here.

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