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Johnny Vegas attacks high fees for arts students

Posted on Thursday, 16 May by

Johnny Vegas

Comedian Johnny Vegas, last famous for starring alongside a monkey in a series of PG Tips adverts ten years ago, has surprisingly turned his attention to the issue of tuition fees for university students.

Vegas, who graduated from Middlesex University with a third-class honours degree in Art & Ceramics, was appearing as a speaker at the “What’s the Point of Art School?” conference, hosted by the University of the Arts London.

The former panel show favourite said: “Going to art school saved me as a young man – it sounds like a massive statement but it’s absolutely true. It taught me to question politics – everything that I see goes through a process because I was encouraged to question.”

Vegas went on to say that should the current fees system had been in place before he applied for university, he would not have followed the same path. The current government increased tuition fees in 2010, with the first set of courses charging up to £9,000 starting last September.

He added: “There is no way on God’s green earth that I would borrow the money now, and do the course that I did that changed my outlook for the rest of my life. The ones who are from the right backgrounds, who’ve got the money to come to art school [now], don’t need to question [things] because they’ve got that fucking trust fund…I’m sorry, but they have.”

Finally, Vegas hit out at the perception that art school is only for the upper classes: “It would become an unnecessary thing that belongs to rich people who have too much time on their hands. This is for everybody. Art is ours, but we’re already up against so much within the common psyche – within society – that says it’s a waste of time.”

Vegas 2

Yep, high-brow art is for everybody…says the star of ‘Sex Lives of the Potato Men’.

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