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Tuition fee rise results in inflation increase

Posted on Wednesday, 14 November by

The National Union of Students has responded to new Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures which showed that the tripling of tuition fees to £9,000 for students starting university this Autumn was the main cause of a rise in inflation to 2.7%.

NUS said the ONS figures were further evidence that the government had got its sums wrong and created a university funding system where everyone would lose out. This adds further fuel for government dissatisfaction before students protest at the ‘Education, Employ, Empower’ national demonstration in London on Wednesday 21 November.

Liam Burns, NUS President, said: “The government completely failed to take into account the wider impact of their rushed rise in tuition fees and its impact on the public purse or future generations. They told us that trebled tuition fees were a necessity to save money but it will actually cost ordinary taxpayers billions more.”

“Students and young people from across the country will be descending on London next week to protest at having the rug pulled from under their feet. The government was determined to abdicate responsibility for university education and got its sums badly wrong in a way that affects not just students but all of us.”

Statistics showed that education increased by 19% in October, which is the largest ever one-month increase since records began.

Support students and the NUS by attending #Demo2012 on November 21st.

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Corey Pellatt
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