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Cost of student rent doubles in ten years

Posted on Monday, 12 November by

A new report from the National Union of Students (NUS) has shown that the cost of student accommodation has soared in the last ten years, with the average weekly rent doubling in cost.

Figures released in the report indicate that in university-owned accommodation, the cost of £59.17 per week in 2001/02 has rocketed up to £117.67 in 2011/12. The findings also reveal the vast difference in cost between location and providers, with private rental costing an average of £140 a week.

It’s feared that these rises have added to the debt burden that graduates face upon leaving university and should this trend continue, it’s likely that many undergraduates will be priced out of university accommodation, with the basic £5,000 loan showing to barely cover rent.

The NUS has recommended that students are supported with increased family support, further opportunities for part-time work and wider bursaries for the students that come from the poorest backgrounds. Following the introduction of £9,000 tuition fees this autumn, students now face leaving university to face debts topping £50,000.

Pete Mercer, NUS vice-president, has said: “Student rents have skyrocketed, leaving fewer reasonably priced accommodation options for students from lower and middle income backgrounds who are really feeling the pinch. The responsibility of universities to support their students does not begin and end at the doors of the lecture hall.”

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Corey Pellatt
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