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REVIEW: Gazz Marlow – Seagull Samaritan

Posted on Tuesday, 2 October by

A sneak peek of his upcoming album ‘Situations’, Gazz Marlow unveils his new single, ‘Seagull Samaritan’. Inspired by the sight of a seagull falling foul of a speeding car, Marlow relate the bird’s final moments to the human heart. Featuring the man himself along with a full band made up of Greg McPherson on bass and Simon Taylor on drums this is a great indication of what Gazz has to offer.

Instantly atmospheric with eerie twangs of guitar and mournful bass undertones that draw down dark clouds, ‘Seagull Samaritan’ is sorrow with soul and vigor. With vocals that almost tremble with emotions, Marlow infuses each note with a darkness that switches between the hopeless and the hopeful, the lost and the waiting to be found.

Never is a feeling more raw, or a wound more tender, than when the bonds of sinew that hold a heart as one tear and separate into two broken halves. This moment is as a second death, a painful prelude to the end of human life. ‘Seagull Samaritan’ takes those two moments, and combines them.

Unveiled on Facebook, ‘Seagull Samaritan’ is but a sneak peak of what we can expect from the singer/songwriter in the future. On October 9th Gazz will launch his PledgeMusic campaign for the forthcoming album in order to fund recording, marketing and touring.

With a digital copy eventually available for £8, pledgers can also purchase incentives such as personalized songs, artwork, t-shirts and private performances. A proportion of the money made will be donated to the Sussex Cancer Fund, a charity attached to the hospital where Gazz qualified as a radiotherapist.

Gazz Marlow is a familiar name here. Second guitarist for the rock band InMe and one of the most talented performers to come out of Sussex in a long while, he’s a guy we’re proud to push. We can’t wait to hear the album.

Hit play below and listen to ‘Seagull Samaritan’.

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