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Half Crown were the final act to play at the first ever SQ Stage this summer, and many on the day said it felt like we’d saved the best until last. Andrew Nicholls finds out more about the most brilliantly diverse act in Sussex.

SQ: Why the name?

Half Crown: We were out busking in town when the band first started. An old wise man seem to show an interest in what we had to offer; and flicked half a crown in the guitar case. When we kindly tried to explain to him that it was old money and not worth anything anymore, he simply replied, “spend it wisely”, so we did.

You headlined the last day of the SQ Stage and blew everyone away with your performance; what do you think makes you stand out as a band?

Energy. We’re often told that the energy we create on stage makes us stand out from other bands at live shows. We love nothing more than to perform to a crowd, the audience are our driving force. When people see us performing and watch us immerse ourselves in a track, the feeling can become contagious.

How would you describe your sound?

We experiment with different genres and styles of music so it can be difficult to define.
Each track usually represents a number of different genres and our interpretation of that particular style of music. However, at the moment were working on Bluesy-Rock combined with elements of Hip-Hop, Ska and Dub.

We’ve decided that we need to define ourselves properly as a band before we have anyone else representing.

Your EP “Off On The Road” is out now. Tell us about it.

It was a project that started earlier this year when we decided buy some basic recording equipment and set up a home studio. During the process we encountered a few problems and had a few disagreements, but most importantly learnt a lot about ourselves as musicians and the music that we write together as a band. 3 of us studied ‘Music Technology and Production’ at Northbrook College and between us recorded, mixed and mastered the EP independently. The title of the EP is rather self-explanatory, I guess it signifies our first steps on a long journey ahead and our perception of the oncoming traffic.

What tracks on it stand out?

‘Keep Up or Keep Out’ seems to be a fan favourite, the track actually started out as an electronically produced tune written over a year ago by Louie, which we decided to bring to the band. This was the first track where we decided to introduce the trumpet. When we play the track live, it’s usually the final track of the set and gets everybody bopping.

It baffles us that you’re unsigned. Have you had any opportunities?

There have been a few opportunities/contracts sent our way in the past. We’ve decided that we need to define ourselves properly as a band before we have anyone else representing.

What do you think of the music scene around here?

It seems to have a really saturated underground scene. There are also a few big-name commercial artists like Rizzle Kicks and Connor Maynard. It does seem Brighton has also had some alternative breakthroughs though such as British Sea Power and Bat for Lashes. There are some extremely hardworking promotional companies in and around the Brighton music scene offering great opportunities and publicity for up and coming artists. But, it’s also important to branch out of Brighton and gig in other cities if you want to build a strong, widely spread fan base.

Follow Half Crown on Twitter and listen on Soundcloud.

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