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Next Bigger Better launch youth investment fund to inspire entrepreneurs

Posted on Tuesday, 18 September by

Next Bigger Better have launched an investment fund called The Get Together Fund. The fund is aimed at investing in ideas from the UK’s youth and wants to inspire 1m+ young people about entrepreneurship. The fund which could see up to £20,000 invested in each idea has been founded by two young entrepreneurs, Matt Bamford-Bowes and Andy Battman.

It has been created to help stop rising youth unemployment and give the UK’s youth another option beyond education and employment.

Matt Bamford-Bowes said “It is clear to us that the paths that we were able to choose when we were teenagers, which guaranteed there was a job at the end of it, are no longer valid. A 10% drop in university application is proof that rising tuition fees are having an effect and 1m+ unemployed youths is proof that employment isn’t always an option. That’s why we firmly believe in inspiring British youths about entrepreneurship.”

Next Bigger Better are looking for young people who have an idea and want to turn it into a business, with the aim to see 200 or more ideas by the end of the year. With a 25 year history of brand consultancy and advertising between them Andy and Matt feel they are well placed to make a difference.

Andy Battman says: “We realised that we had all the skills that we were only using to help make the world’s biggest brands better. We believed that if we could find the right ideas and people, then we could help the UK’s youth population turn their ideas into businesses that the UK could be proud of.”

The fund has opened for applications which can be downloaded from the Next Bigger Better website here and if you are looking for more advice you can like them on Facebook.

For more information please contact: matt@nextbiggerbetter.com.

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Corey Pellatt
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