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The Apprentice: Harry Hitchens’ Column – The Final

Posted on Sunday, 3 June by

12 fantastic weeks of telly has reached its pulsating climax. The final of The Apprentice arrived this evening and the toughest challenge awaited our finalists, the interviews and evaluation of candidate’s business plans for that all-important £250,000 investment.

The four remaining candidates; Jade, Nick, Tom and Ricky were forced to traverse the slippery slopes of their exaggerated CVs. Having never had an interview Tom faired well answering questions with ease – if a little nervously – and so he should be, considering he wishes to raise £25m to accompany Lord Sugar’s measly £250k!

Nick has a great business idea, I think it could work but as usual the interviewers were hard to please.
One interviewer, Claude Littner, listened to a perfectly respectable answer and explanation of the plan only to insult Nick personally: I’m not sure he could find anything specific to critique.

Jade didn’t crack it, with no cash flow and zero costs, her plan was unfortunately flawed. It was disappointed but as Lord Sugar highlighted, her character and her talent is not to be underestimated.

Ricky had a slick plan but it was the typical Apprentice application form that didn’t help him. With more cheesier phrases and crap jokes than on all the Penguin bars in the world, the interviewers found it hard to nail down who he actually was: Ricky Martin or the Fitness?

In the boardroom Ricky came out on top and I think he deserves it. Any one of them could have won it, Tom being my favorite. Why do you think Ricky won?

Should it be Tom instead be receiving a large sum in his bank account this evening from Lord Sugar?

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