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NUS announce national protest for November 21

Posted on Wednesday, 27 June by

Announced today, The NUS (National Union of Students) has put forward plans for a national demonstration in opposition to the recent changes in education to raise the pressure on the coalition government.

Broadcast via YouTube, NUS president Liam Burns has addressed members to pile on the pressure on politicians, saying students have a lot to be angry about.

“You’ve had your EMA stalled, tuition fees tripled and your education systematically attacked across the board by the coalition”.

The protest, scheduled for 21st November, will be the first demonstration called on by the union since the anti-tuition fee marches in 2010, where the Conservative party HQ was attacked and police clashed with protesters in Parliament Sq, resulting in over 390 arrests.

Burns goes on to say: “In a year in which there are no votes in parliament and no legislation coming before politicians, it’s about time we started setting the agenda.”

No statement could be truer, after a recent report by the Intergenerational Foundation found the prospects of young people have nose-dived since the start of the financial crisis in 2008.

“Youth unemployment is at an all-time high, getting on the property ladder is next to impossible and we don’t even have the safety net of pensions to look forward to any more.”

We here at SQ would like to firmly back the NUS’ national protest.

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Lewis Scrafton
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