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Film screening hopes to inspire riot affected youth

Posted on Thursday, 12 April by

An influential piece of French Cinema will be screened in Tottenham on the eve of London’s mayoral elections in an attempt to reopen debate about the causes of last year’s riots, while also reaching out to young people in the Broadwater Estate – where the events started.

Interactive film company Future Cinema are behind the scheme and plan to screen La Haine, an iconic film from 1995, to an audience of over 400 people. La Haine follows the plight of three youths in a disadvantaged Paris suburb.

Future Cinema founder Fabien Rigalli has said: “We believe cinema is a really powerful medium that is universal and should be available to everyone. This estate, and the most disadvantaged estates around the country, are full of creative and bright young people and we believe that showing a film of such power could inspire them to make a real difference.”

Future Cinema hopes that a screening of La Haine could in-turn inspire young people on the Broadwater Estate to follow suit and produce their own films. Future Cinema have already commissioned half a dozen films for a competition, with the winning film receiving the prize of being shown before the La Haine screening.

The event will be free and Future Cinema also intend to bring a live film score to the estate in the form of acclaimed electronica act, the Asian Dub Foundation.

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Corey Pellatt
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