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Local Band: City Of Ashes

Posted on Tuesday, 3 May by

We’re all told that the world is falling apart and that it is far worse than it used to be. After all, lying politicians are far worse than death by Cholera. Post-hardcore band City of Ashes reminds us that good things are still around if you know where to look for them.

Orion’s lyrical stylings are well written, brilliant in their sound, and so catchy that they stay in your head for weeks. The guitarists Steve and Mike, along with bassist Dan F work together in a way that makes you want to lose yourself in the music and end up rocking out like a prat (albeit a prat listening to great music). And of course to pass by the drums of drummer Dan would be to sabotage your own musical well-being; his punk inspired beats bring the songs together and hearing him play is something everyone should experience. Without being overtly complimentary it has to be said that this band are verging on perfect; you only have to listen to them to see that.

City of Ashes could without exaggeration be compared to Lostprophets, Canadian band Silverstein, and Funeral For a Friend (whom once complained that COA fans were spamming their page in desperation to see them support; something I would love to see) but they are each inspired by bands from all over the musical spectrum.  The guys say that they “play lighter songs than some pop-punk bands” and they do, but at the same time they play songs that deserve to be heard ear-splittingly loud.

I had the privilege of seeing City of Ashes play in the tiny studio in which they were recording their new demo. As I sat and listened I felt myself becoming enthralled by the music, the fact that my ears were crying out didn’t seem to bother me as I watched angelic-faced Orion screaming like a mad-thing (something that has to be seen to believed).

“Being in a band is not just about plugging in and playing” and the band have an obvious chemistry that’s clear to see; it’s almost as though they were born to play together.

The band put out “When Black Fuels Blood” last year and are currently working on their demo. They are due to play their anniversary show on May 6th at Eastbourne’s Via.

I went into this piece wanting to do this unsigned band justice. From the times I’ve met them it’s easy to see that they’re brilliant guys who deserve to go all the way, and I hope I’ve done that because they deserve all the credit, recognition, and straight-forward “bigging up” that I can give them.

Find more City of Ashes here.

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