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Gig preview: City of Ashes plus guests @ Bar Via

Posted on Thursday, 5 May by

As night crumbles and the scorning moon gives in to the shaming sun, the bitter truth that life isn’t as described becomes apparent. Dreams differ from reality, and what it says on the tin becomes a vague fiction that never quite comes true.

We travel from place to place just searching for somewhere to feel at home, a destination that suits our ideal, but somehow we never manage to find it. So we stay here together in this world we call home, a faded vision of the greatness we imagined, and all around our lives are lived, half heartedly, in a city of ashes.

Sounds like the spoken intro of a tortured Emo album doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s the diary entry of a man that just fell down the stairs for the fifth time in an evening. Either way that’s how City of Ashes make me feel, yet somehow lifted. Their outlook and their music both seem to give the listener a reason to turn up the colour, and step away from the beige.

And that’s why on May 6th post-hardcore band City of Ashes will be descending on the monotony of an Eastbourne Friday night to bring us all great music alongside The James Cleaver Quintet, New Avenue, and The City Divided for the second anniversary show. Be there. No excuses.

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