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Posted on Monday, 18 April by

Well then, it’s been a long and winding road to finally get to this point, but trust us when we say that the pot of gold waiting at the end of this rainbow is most definitely sparkling.

Because yes, 18 months after releasing the landmark first issue of SQ Magazine, we are returning with something new, sick and slick that we guarantee will stick in your browsers from now until the end of forever.

We will make it our mission to be bringing you fresh, original and opinionated content daily thanks to our newly recruited team of talented contributors. You need not be going anywhere else for your news from here on in.

Along with serving up exclusive online features for you lucky people to feast your eyes and ears over, we’re also bringing something with more bang than a box of fireworks – SQTV. As well as being able to read the most elite specks of news and opinion you’ll find all over the internet on this very website – you’ll very soon be able to watch it too.

Add to all that an archive of all the very, very best articles, interviews and columns that the print publication has to offer, an easy-to-use and sharp looking online magazine reader for those of you that have misplaced your old copies (shame on you!), and even an online store where soon you’ll be able to peruse and purchase some of the sickest merchandise on the virtual high street at your own pleasure – we’d say you may have just found yourselves a new homepage ladies and gentlemen.

Time to take to another level yet again. We’re here to stay.

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