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We catch up for a quick chat with arguably the best looking girl group out there right now, The Saturdays!

After putting out major albums in each of the last few years and constant touring it seems you’re never too far out of the spotlight, how do you keep so busy?! We’ve always been really busy right from the start. We’ve only had literally a few months off in the last few years so we’re fairly lucky to keep so busy…we don’t consider it a bad thing!

There’s no doubt you’re now the country’s biggest and best girl band…is the pressure cranking up a little bit? Not really. In fairness we just enjoy releasing new material, getting feedback and making an impression! We’re aiming for the number 1 spot with each release now and we’re just desperate to do as well as we possibly can.

Let’s face it, too many pop albums now just see a focus on singles, but your LPs have all been so coherent throughout. Do you feel that despite the good looks and bright colours you’re more than typical “bubblegum Pop”? Yeah, I think so. We’re all really enthusiastic and absolutely love music and what we do. We can all sing and we’re not just an act that’s been thrown together for the label to tell us what to do. We have real input and love the songs we sing. We like to sing Pop music. There’s this horrible pre-conception that if you’re in a girl band singing Pop songs you don’t get a say in anything. For us creativity is at the core of everything we’re about.

We always try and send positive messages out there; don’t be afraid of anything and always try your hardest in whatever you pursue.

You’ve had a good bit of showbiz experience prior to forming the group (some in S Club 8, a lot have done stage work…), do you feel this has helped you with being shot to fame? I don’t think you can ever be prepared to be honest! Some of us have had a taste but you never really get used to it. Everyone deals with it in their own way and we always think in our head it’s all hype from friends and family. It’s really weird. It never truly sinks in!

You’re in the public eye almost every day, do you feel a heavy weight of social responsibility in being role models for your fans? Of course. We always try and send positive messages out there; don’t be afraid of anything and always try your hardest in whatever you pursue. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

What do you feel has been the most important factor to your success so far? The difference with us is we’re actually like 5 normal girls who get on fantastically and love to have fun. It really shows. We’ve had a show on ITV2 this year; The Saturdays 24/7 that just shows our day to day lives. Hopefully it shows we’re just like 5 sisters now because that’s how it feels!

…it’s just non-stop so keep your eyes peeled!

You’ve toured with Girls Aloud a few years back…must have been a huge experience? No sign of any rivalry was there?! We’ve learned so much from Girls Aloud. After we did our performance we used to love to just sit and watch theirs! They’re an awesome act and if we got to their position one day we’d have done amazingly.

What’s the plan for you guys now? Keeping busy still we’re assuming? We’ve got a jewellery range on its way as well as a book and hopefully another album very soon…it’s just non-stop so keep your eyes peeled!

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