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The freshest and most diverse talent to come out of Eastbourne in the last few years? Most definitely. We talk to the man of many sounds; S3O Beatbox!

Tell us a little bit about you and your act. Well basically my act right now is one man and one microphone! Everything you hear is all coming from my mouth. I try to bring as much variety as I can to each performance to engage as many people as possible.

Who do you draw influences from? My influences are quite wide ranging really. Obviously there are certain beatboxers that I look up to and watched a lot in the beginning. People like Faith SFX, Beardyman and Reeps One is a big one for me. I try to let myself be influenced by everything I hear. I also try to learn from every musician I meet, although gaining my own style is important.

Anyone, locally or nationally, that you’d really like to collaborate with?
No one specific right now, but at the moment I’m all about jamming. Collaborating with other musicians with varying styles is cool as you gain more musicality. I’m pretty much down for anything.

I think we need way more events locally to build a sense of urban community.

How do you see the local urban music scene which comes under a lot of criticism, saying there isn’t really one in a small town like ours? I don’t think I’d be the first to say that it could be improved. I’ve been to Brighton and places like Portsmouth for all elements Hip-Hop events with MC, Beatbox, B-boy and graffiti battles, as well as live Dj sets, and the atmosphere is great. I think we need way more events locally to build a sense of urban community.

You’re performing in a lot of venues locally at the minute, with a slot supporting Chipmunk definitely a step in the right direction, it would seem like your work is spreading? Yeah the Chipmunk gig is big for me, but getting established locally is always the first step. Building a strong fan base in Eastbourne is the main aim, and hopefully that will ultimately lead to higher profile gigs in the future. I’m just trying to get myself out there at the moment.

What does the future hold for S3O? Who knows! I’ve been beatboxing since around May 2009, so I’m only just into my career. I feel I’ve progressed quite quickly with hard work, and my main aim is to carry on doing the same. Just trying to perform on a regular basis and be seen by as many people as possible! I’m young and ambitious, so hopefully there’s no limit to what I can achieve with genuine hard work.

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22. Co-founder and editor of SQ Magazine. Studying at University of Sussex. Interned at MATTER and published in The Guardian.

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