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SQ always likes to bring you something different! Here we bring you Delta Maid, a university post-grad of Vascular Science who now has her own debut album on the way!

For those people that aren’t aware of you and what you do, tell us a little bit about your sound. Okay so my name is Delta Maid & I’m a singer-songwriter from Liverpool. A lot of what I do is influenced by the music I listened to growing up, my parents had a huge record collection and much of that has turned me into what I am today, a large part coming from the delta blues sound which I try and harness with my own lyrics and emotion!

You’ve got a very unique sound that’s not really heard in the charts too often, how do you feel being compared to the likes of Patsy Cline and people of that class? Honestly I don’t think its right that I’m compared to them yet because I’m just not good enough. It’s such an amazing, flattering comparison for me but make a judgement in the next few years once I’ve had an album out and come back to me then!

Tell us about the tour so far, is this the first time you’ve done such a large circuit? This is one of the first major tours yeah, but I’ve done a lot of support slots before with acts like Ray LaMontagne, Martha Wainwright, Rory Block and Ellie Goulding. For me touring is the best thing. It’s amazing for me because I love coming out and getting the reaction of the crowds, yet I can learn from the other acts at the same time.

Not necessarily the huge stadium tours…but something a little bit more intimate that I can really call my own. That’s the dream.

Was this the first time you’ve played Brighton? No I’ve actually played the Concorde before as well as Audio so I know my way around a bit. The fans tend to be fantastic and the shows are always followed by a night on the town afterwards! It’s an amazing city and a little bit similar to Liverpool so I can never get homesick!

Speaking of Liverpool…do you feel there’s any sort of added pressure on you to succeed seen as you’re from a city that’s produced so many fantastic acts? I suppose there is a slight pressure. But at the same time I wouldn’t like people to directly compare my work to acts like The Beatles and the rest of them…the music is just so different.

Okay so a lot of artists have one goal they want to achieve above any other during their careers; playing Glastonbury, getting a platinum selling album…what’s yours? Wow that’s a tough one.  I think above all else I really just want to be able to do a headline tour. Not necessarily the huge stadium tours…but something a little bit more intimate that I can really call my own. That’s the dream.

2011 isn’t too far away…what can we expect the next year to bring? The most exciting thing is the album that’s due for release next March. It’s going to be 13 purely original tracks that I’m hoping people will love. It’s a very emotive album. Then of course I’m really gonna be hoping for that headline tour which should see me make another trip back to Brighton!

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Corey Pellatt
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